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Thomas Buschbacher::

Obedience and Protection workshop 2023!
February 2023!
Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of February 2023!

Thomas Buschbacher


Thomas Buschbacher trained many dogs from puppyhood to IGP3 to competing at their breed championships.

He has trained German Shepherds, Malinois, Dobermann, Rottweilers and Gaint Schnauzers in his career.

He has traveled the world to Malaysia, Finland and USA training dogs and training decoys!

Thomas has taken on dogs for training from puppy to IGP3, or just to start in IGP.

He has taken in way over a 100 dogs just for the retrieve / dumbbell / apport training.

Thomas showed his own German Shepherd and 3 Malinois at the DHV Championship in Germany. 

He qualified since 2012 eight times to show at the Bundessiegerpruefung (SV) (Championship for German Shepherds) in Germany.

Overall, he qualified about 40 times to go to different Championships, Regional and National Championships.

Many dogs V-rating in either or more phase A / B / C.

Thomas loves working with dogs.

He is excellent at reading the individual dog and loves to help the dog team to better themselves.

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$150 per day

Indoor Facility available in case of bad weather!

12 working spots 

Spectators are welcome - $50 per day


if you would like to participate in Thomas his workshop or

call us

 5716432107 - Hardy

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