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Master Trainer/ Decoy's::


Hardy Ernsting

Head / Master Trainer

Hardy started in the Schutzhund sport in 1978. Soon after it was very clear to him that he loved the sport.

A few years after joining the Schutzhund sport he was elected training director followed by LV teaching helper/decoy.

In 1988 he was elected to be the Regions Training Director.

Multiple times he was selected for LV Championships and he was pre-selected for the VDH in 1990 as a decoy/helper.

Hardy showed multiple dogs on local, regional, national and international championships as well.

He helped many dog teams successfully compete at local, regional, national and international events.

Over the years he has worked over 300+ dogs at different club, regionals and national trials as a decoy as well.

Now, due to multiple knee replacements he is no longer doing the decoy work himself, but gives his knowledge to our new coming decoys. Just like he did for many years.

He also continues to trian with individual dog teams to help them achieve their goals!

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Chris Barnhart

Chris began training dogs in the Schutzhund sport about 6 years ago after he got his first sport dog, a Dutch Shepherd. It wasn’t long and he was hooked and couldn’t get enough.


Chris was approached by Podium Schutzhund Club Training Director, Hardy, about the opportunity to be a decoy for the club and he accepted happily. Under the tutelage and guidance of Hardy, Chris received his certification as a decoy and continues to learn and grow each training day.


Chris now trains three dogs in the sport and has shown at the Dutch Shepherd National IGP Championship with his dog Zena. Chris started training Zena as a very young puppy and took her from a BH all the way an IGP 3. 

Marcus Hampton

Marcus is a dear friend of Podium Schutzhund Club and holds his DVG Membership and Helper certification through Podium Schutzhund Club. 

He lives up in Buffalo, NY with his longtime girlfriend Kristina and their 5 children. 

Marcus is a National Certified Decoy who had the privilege to decoy many National Championship.

Marcus is qualified to decoy the AWDF Championship in June of 2021 in PA. He is one of the best, if not the best Championship level decoy!

Podium Club has set up multiple workshops with Marcus throughout the year.


For more information when Marcus will be in town visit our workshop page.