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Trial Entry Form::

Below is our trial Entry Form. 

Please read through the waiver below and click the "I accept terms and conditions" bottom below each entry form.

The webpage did not allow us to put the entry form into one form. So please fill out both forms below and sign both "I accept terms and conditions".

By submitting the entry it is understood that every dog at this event will at all times be in the care and control of the dog's handler. It is further understood that the undersigned agrees to be fully responsible for the actions of that dog, while on the show grounds, tracking grounds and the surrounding areas. You also agree that your dogs are fully vaccinated and healthy before entering the show grounds. You agree to hold the Podium Working Dog  Club, and the Organization the trial will be held under, as well as their officers, directors, and all property owners harmless for loss or injury which may have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by any act of your dog(s) while on the show premises. You hereby assume all responsibility and liability for such claims.


Once you fill out the entry form and hit send the page will appear empty again! I will reply to you that we did receive your entry!

Entry fee is non-refundable
Entry Form::

Thanks for submitting!

Entry Form - part 2 - fill in is required!

Thanks for submitting!

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